Our Approach

IoTask acts as a catalyst for clients in all verticals — such as manufacturing, transportation, retail, heavy industries, electronics, and infrastructure – which seek to understand and participate in the Innovation of Things. Progress and growth in the digital world is driven by frontiers of technology innovation. These frontiers started with the Internet that connected each computer to the others, progressed through to Wireless that connected each phone or person to the others and has now evolved to the Internet of Things (IoT), a $19 trillion landscape of opportunities. Each technology revolution creates a plethora of opportunities in underlying technology; networking, mobile, analytics, big data as well as supportive business models; .Nest, AirBnB and Uber have “weaponized” staid old –fashioned things such as home thermostats, room rentals and taxis by putting them on the Internet. Companies such as GE, Cisco and PTC now offer technologies and services to everything from factories to cities. Everything from parking spaces to homes, from cars to cities are benefiting from the Internet of Things. Participating in IoT-type revolutions is non-optional but the risks of action are great. We answer the key questions around: How do you benefit from this opportunity?

Our team uses proprietary methodologies and tools to help clients accelerate deployments in your company. We accomplish this goal by enabling clients to arrive at the same point in time with the supply side (network, devices and applications) meeting the demand side (customers needs and economics), while navigating the stringency of needs (architecture, standards, security and performance).

The transformational nature of IoT-type revolutions makes execution fundamentally harder and requires far greater abilities to execute. Success first requires the breadth in understanding the vision required to achieve transformation, not just with efficiencies but by enabling new business models and innovations. In addition to breadth, success also requires the depth and expertise to understand the details of everything from the low-level enabling technology, to the connecting middle-layer to the technology and business applications required to execute a transformation.

Our team uses proprietary methodologies and tools to help clients accelerate deployment
Simply put, approaches in IoT will not work without the right catalyzing team that encompasses both breadth and depth of deep expertise. Our unique team provides clients with this approach that goes beyond simple old world applications and uses proprietary methodologies and tools to help clients navigate the opportunity-rich, yet technically risky landscape of emerging connectivity technologies. We accomplish this goal by assessing the business and the needs of clients and matching them to the rapidly evolving capabilities of technology.

The rate of advancement of devices, networking approaches and technologies is so rapid that timing and matching their capabilities with the application needs of the business is a very delicate task. A key step is in carefully assessing how stringent the needs are in terms of security and performance. Picking the right architecture and standards will enable the business to solve problems today, while future proofing the implementation for the foreseeable future. In short, the question we ask is this: how do you take advantage of the Internet of Things today without either locking yourself down or exposing your company to risks for the next decade. Many current IoT implementations are a patchwork of point solutions that will struggle when the time comes for upgrades, maintenance or modification. They also run the risks of security, cost and performance issues. Unfortunately, as Stuxnet fiasco shows us, IoT hacking and failure can be catastrophic. To understand the challenges one need only consider the historical analog of the payment industry, which evolved as a patchwork of systems over 20 years. Today, most retailers are very vulnerable with major companies undergoing massive breaches.

Yet the value of innovation frontiers like IoT is undeniable, and the early winners will make massive gains. Whether it is home automation or Retail, which uses immersive technology to make the shopper’s experience more delightful, or a connected car that enables users to download new features, the future belongs to the businesses that leverage the next technology innovation wave; today it is IoT. IoTask helps clients get to this future in the right and robust way.