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Iotask provides visionary, innovative, actionable consulting and other advisory services for areas like Internet of Things, Mobile, Analytics

IoT solutions from the pioneers of
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Our Approach

IoTask acts as a catalyst for clients in all verticals — such as manufacturing, transportation, retail, heavy industries, electronics, and infrastructure – which seek to understand and participate in the Innovation of Things. Progress and growth in the digital world is driven by frontiers of technology innovation. These frontiers started with the Internet that connected each computer to the others, progressed through to Wireless that connected each phone or person to the others and has now evolved to the Internet of Things (IoT), a $19 trillion landscape of opportunities. Each technology revolution creates a plethora of opportunities in underlying technology; networking, mobile, analytics, big data as well as supportive business models; .Nest, AirBnB and Uber have “weaponized” staid old –fashioned things such as home thermostats, room rentals and taxis by putting them on the Internet. Companies such as GE, Cisco and PTC now offer technologies and services to everything from factories to cities. Everything from parking spaces to homes, from cars to cities are benefiting from the Internet of Things. Participating in IoT-type revolutions is non-optional but the risks of action are great. We answer the key questions around: How do you benefit from this opportunity?

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Solutions & Capabilities

Every participant in the Innovation of Things value chain including governments, service providers, OEMs, component providers, application providers and industry vertical customers, is faced with understanding and making the right choices on the right way to implement the Innovation like the Internet of Things for their needs. IoTask provides solutions for this customer problem. Our team has decades of experience in going from the vision, to the creation of standards, to the actual realization of the pioneering Innovation, in particular IoT systems. We bring cutting methodologies and tools to clients that help understand most appropriate options for the specific client, select the right architectures, make the right investments and realize the best returns. We have a client base of major corporations, governments and other agencies. Our partnership helps our clients build new innovative businesses with appropriately structured innovative funding vehicles.

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The IoTask team is composed of well-known pioneers of Innovation. For instance, the term IoT itself was in fact coined in the research lab of one of our founders. We initiated and directed many of the largest investments, implementations, and standards developments efforts in Innovation areas. We understand the pivotal decisions, starting with the network and associated architecture, and propagating through the entire stack to the right choices on sequencing of applications and services to offer. An orderly, holistic rollout is a critical to accelerate Innovation frontiers such as IoT and to extract value for companies.

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